Coding is becoming an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you’re surfing the web, your social media profiles, or anything related to computers or smartphones, these were all developed and constructed by a group of programmers. The top-paying Careers as a Programmer for students out of University include companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, NASA, and more.





Top 5 Careers as a Programmer

  • Junior Web Developer

Junior Web Developers help the Senior level team and project managers with the day-to-day tasks of a software developer. This includes things such as debugging, troubleshooting, and helping with the different elements that go behind the scenes of creating a website or web-based software. This position tends to pay well and also allows for Students out of High School or College to get their feet wet in the development atmosphere. The best languages to know regarding this job are Java, Python, CSS, and HTML.

  • Data Analyst

Data Analyst may sound like a daunting job, however, it’s not what it seems. A data analyst’s job is to scrape and gather information from various platforms and put it together in an organized manner to make it useful for daily tasks and jobs for people. Many data analysts tend to study Computer Science or Math. They also know how to put together a nice presentation or design to make the information they are gathering as useful as possible. The top classes to take for this job are Python, SQL, and mathematics of various levels.

  • Digital Strategists

Digital Strategists tend to be the people that are both creative and techy. Meaning they are up to date with trends, know what people look for and how to get a product or service in front of the end consumer through strategies that they put together. The top skills for a Digital Strategist include high-level communication skills, an understanding of digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the ability to interpret this data into strategies for the company they are working with. The courses that Digital Strategists take tend to be boot camps and other classes related to Google Ads, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

  • Junior Web Designer

Junior Web Designer should not be mistaken for Junior Web Developer. Web Designers work with clients to make them a website to sell products, services, or spread the message they want to convey. Web designers need to have communication skills to be able to portray the customer’s vision into a website, coding skills to be able to develop the website, and design skills to make sure the website they are building is easy on the eyes and appealing to the consumer. The main languages to know how to code for this position are JavaScript, WordPress, and CSS, and the ability to work with design programs such as the Adobe Suite.

  • Digital Analyst

A Digital analyst uses the data collected from a website or platform to see what consumers are looking at and their behaviour. This is mainly used in SEO and Media campaigns to ensure they are working properly and getting results. The main skill for a Digital Analyst would be to utilize the many tools out there such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, and other tools. The main degree and school experience required involves topics such as communication and marketing.


The pay for the careers stated above begins from typically $40,000/year and upward based on the amount of experience and skill you can bring to the table. With this salary, when you get hired at one of these positions, you tend to receive benefits such as health insurance, stocks in the bigger companies, bonuses, 401K, and more. There is a rapid growth rate in the above Careers as a Programmer as everything we do is becoming web-based, including our meetings and conferences.

If you are a parent of a child that is interested in technology, it is the perfect time to get them started on their coding education using online educational courses (Careers as a Programmer) and boot camps such as the ones we offer at CogniCoder. We recommend that anyone taking boot camps and courses takes them from a reputable source. This will allow you to get a head start in your career and help you land a potential job interview and career much more quickly.