CogniCoder is very excited to offer our phenomenal coding classes for kids with our partner UCS CS@SC!

CogniCoder commitment to providing the best online, live-instructed coding classes for kids is our driving principle. We accomplish this by partnering with one of the top universities in the world, USC, and their CS@SC program. Our online courses are designed, created, and taught by USC Computer Science department faculty and students.

We offer classes in various, real-world programming languages and technology stacks, including but not limited to Java, Python, and Web Development. For our younger students, we provide the initial concepts leveraging a simple to learn programing language created by MIT, Scratch (we offer both Scratch as well as Scratch Jr. classes).

How do we introduce these concepts of Computer Science in a consumable format to kids? Simple: we leverage years of teaching experience from our partner, USC Viterbi faculty that put together an easy-to-understand, fun, and exciting program for kids.

CogniCoder is proud to be a USC CS@SC partner. Check out our partner tweet